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How to Craft a Strong Instagram Brand

Do you ever find yourself on Instagram and scrolling through someones feed for hours? Well, I hope not for hours but for a really long time. That’s because the person you are following has content that caught your attention. I’m going to share with you some of the techniques and tips on how you can create a beautiful Instagram feed that will not only attract new followers but potential business opportunities.

  1. Visual Branding

    • The first thing to understand whether you are an individual or a business is that you are a brand. You may be a small brand compared to say Coca Cola, but there is a level of identity you are creating with everything you do. To properly understand what branding is, you must first be able to understand what brands themselves are. Brands are the images and ideas consumers think about and connect with when they think about a specific product or service. These images and ideas can originate from any number of things: the brand logo, design, slogan, jingle, or spokesperson. Let’s think about Coca-Cola, what do you think of? The color? The taste? The experience? Their slogan? All of these things make up the brand. Put it this way, it’s what others view you as vs what you think you are.

    • Now, let’s talk about the “visual” part. This includes things like Typography, Fonts, Color Palettes, Color Schemes, Textures & Patterns, and Photographs & Imagery. These visual queues all make up what your brand is visually. In Instagram world, everything is visual so it’s important these elements are displayed.

    • A great tool to help you create a specific look and feel is called VSCO, it’s packed with powerful presets and editing tools on mobile to make your photos and videos beautiful. Another tool to help you with your visuals is LIGHTROOM, it’s definitely the gold standard when it comes to editing photos.

  2. Consistency

    • Once you figure out your visual branding, it’s important to stay consistent with the editing style of your photos and videos you post on Instagram. This is because your grid (area on Instagram with all your posts) will showcase the overall look and feel of your page. A great tool to help you create a consistent grid is using a tool called UNUM, which allows you to plan future Instagram posts. Below, you can see some of my future posts to ensure the posts match the color tones, style, and theme.

    • Make sure to post daily or at a frequency that is consistent. This will help you stay relevant to your followers.

  3. Storytelling

    • Utilize the caption space to tell your story about the post to further connect with your followers. It’s a place to share your thoughts, passions, truth, aspirations, values, and the why.

    • One of my favorite brands that do an incredible job with storytelling is SoulCycle. They have a mix of quotes, photos, videos, products, interviews, and Instagram Stories.

    • The content you share with the world will have a lasting impression of what they think about you and the decisions they make based on the story you tell.

    • If you’re focusing on building a personal brand (which I will write in another blog post), a key strategy is to focus on a specific vertical/industry and be the expert in it.

  4. Community Engagement

    • As part of growing your digital brand, it’s important to engage with your followers and build an emotional connection with them. This involves replying to comments, searching relevant hashtags and engaging with those posts, and following people that interest you.

  5. Focus on Quality

    • With over 1 billion users on Instagram, you have one shot to be memorable to turn a view into a follow. Invest in a nice camera (smart phones work too) and learn how to take photos that is visually striking and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.